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«Caspian Pearl» Brand

When DagPIRKH (Dagestan Full-System Industrial Fish Farm) started producing sturgeon caviar, managers of «Amsar» Company had to choose a trademark of black caviar for customers. How shall a clear statement on quality and exclusiveness of our product be made?  The brand name appeared immediately, since everything that is the best among the common is called a «pearl». An open pearl with opalescent eggs in it, like pearls, has become an artistic representation of the brand.

It is amazing that just a tiny grain that enters the intestines of a mollusk shell becomes a pearl. Nacre produced due to that transforms into a pearl after some time.

Black caviar is no less amazing gift of nature. In order to preserve the quality of caviar, grains of salt are used in production, which allows retaining the delicate taste of caviar.  At the same time, the caviar produced by a domestic maritime culture farm in the Caspian sea shall bear the proud name of this region. Waters of the Caspian sea have a unique ecological system and is the sea is a true treasure of the whole world.

That is why Amsar Company is so proud with the quality of black caviar that is called the «Caspian Pearl».