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Amsar Fishing Company Trading House presents the product of the highest quality – real Caspian black caviar. «Caspian Pearl» black caviar is a premium domestic mariculture product of the Caspian sea. Modern production technologies combined with traditions and experience allow supplying natural sturgeon caviar all year round regardless of season.

Consistent high quality of products is ensured through strict observance of applied standards.


Production line:

«Caspian Pearl» PREMIUM

  • «Caspian Pearl» Premium grained sturgeon roe produced through standard slaughter.
  • GOST R 55486-2013 No preservatives and pasteurization.
  • Pearly roe of eggs uniform in size with a rich aroma and homogenous texture.
  • Color – from iron-grey to pearly-black.
  • Contains only sturgeon roe and salt (2.5-5.0 % mass content).
  • Shelf life – 8 months at -2-4 °С.

«Caspian Pearl» Standard

  • «Caspian Pearl» Standard grained sturgeon roe is made using modern non-lethal method.
  • TU 9246-001-61874782-13. Pasteurized.
  • Pearly roe of eggs of uniform size and even color ranging from golden-brown to black.
  • Contains sturgeon roe, salt and complex food additive LIV-2.
  • Salt mass content 2.5 – 3.3 %
  • Shelf life – 12 months at -2-4 °С.

Exclusive presents

Choosing a business souvenir for partners?
Thinking of a way to reward your employee for professional contribution to Your business?
Planning to organize and hold a public event that shall include granting of prizes?
Wishing to treat Your loved ones with a beautiful and healthy surprise?

We present a ready solution for You!

An exquisite product – natural Caspian black caviar in a gift container with accessories of 925° silver and natural nacre. Body of the gift container is made of wood with velvet and eco-skin flocking, with strong hardware and gold tooling on cover.

Specialists of Amsar Trading House will find the best solutions that will suit Your goals and Your budget and will organize delivery.

More – on the website of caspicaviar.ru online shop.